AIMS Symposium

Charlottesville, VA
13-14 May 2011

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This space is reserved for the sharing of best practices documents such as policies, workflows, documentation, etc. Please try to group them according to function as is possible.

I benefited tremendously by reading the "Workbook on Digital Private Papers" created by Susan Thomas from Oxford. Here is the link:

Peter Chan, Digital Archivist (AIMS), Stanford University

Project Documentation
  • City of Vancouver's Digital Archives System development wiki: Vancouver Digital Archives. The most recent addition is the section on SIP creation. Documentation lags a bit behind our actual development, but the requirements and workflows are mostly up to date. A lot of our work was co-opted and moved to the Archivematica wiki if it applied to the projects as a whole. For instance, we worked with Artefactual to develop the media type preservation plans using the City Archives' wiki, but moved the results once we'd settled on plans for the release. (Courtney Mumma, City of Vancouver)
Digital acquisition set-up

(what is your hardware/software set up for acquiring born-digital content in that pre-SIP/SIP creation stage?)

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