AIMS Symposium

Charlottesville, VA
13-14 May 2011

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A (Very) Small Sampling of Starter Links

"What is Digital Humanities?"

Short essay offering my own tendentious answer.

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

Umbrella for professional organizations serving the field; sponsor of annual DH conference.


International network of DH centers.

NEH's Office of Digital Humanities

Great people to work with.

Digital Humanities Quarterly

Peer reviewed journal serving the field.

DH Questions and Answers

Community hub for asking and answering questions.

Scholars Lab

Sample DH center, based in University of Virginia Library

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)

Sample DH center, based at University of Maryland

DH People to Follow on Twitter\!/dancohen/digitalhumanities\|\!/dancohen/digitalhumanities (\!/dancohen/digitalhumanities)

Via Dan Cohen

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  1. So, Matt, you come to us with a robust sense of the digital humanities projects and groups which are out there.  What seems to be the best way to try and broach the gaps between ourselves and these projects?  There are simple ways to do this like posting information on AIMS and linking but do we want to try and come up with a more agressive strategy to get attention?  Do we want to use their lists to poll them about these missing links, for example? 

    I am happy to approach the digital humanities people I know here in Canada to do just that.  But first it would be nice to know from you how you would characterize the lack of connection and the perceived needs of those folks vis-a-vis archivists from your perspective. 

    Lastly, I've added to the heading to take in the science community and others (mentioned in our wrap-up discussions).  This is definitely outside of my expertise but I'm sure there would be others among us who are more closely allied.