AIMS Symposium

Charlottesville, VA
13-14 May 2011

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Ideas for moving forward

Build a bridge with the Digital Humanities 
- more visible
- THAT Camp (The Humanities And Technology Camp)

Bi-monthly web chat regarding tools had been proposed by Ricc Ferrante (see tools discussion )
- what strategies will ensure that momentum in this is maintained?
- time is a big issue - to learn new skills, keep abreast of current initiatives - professional development (line manager buy-in)
- could have 2 minute update and then main agenda item
- other people / institutions not at the unconference would like to participate

CurateCamp - could be another model to follow

We need to be more conscious of what each other are working on - willing to share things that are not fully baked 

We agree this group is now a resource for discussion. We have built a community,

Could have regional event - eg New England Archivists

Goals - need to be realistic 

Sustainability of tools created by projects ..

- but there is a cost - c$1000 per head

Identify and share best practices - best practices exchange 

Major Takeways from the meeting

First step is to create a wiki page in these areas. Do some fact finding, identify individuals to contribute. Generate discussion in this area. Talk to other groups for information.

Curriculum development

- International Curation Education (ICE) Forum

- Catherine Stollar Peters to create wikipage

Digital Research communities

- Digital Humanities (Matt K)  / open government, scientific data curators ....
- Digital Archives Twitter day - possibly during Archives Week (Gretchen)


- Courtney Mumma, Brad Westbrook and Mark Matienzo 

- Erin O'Meara and Brad Westbrook to create wikipage

Policies and best practices

- could possibly look at placing on wiki 
- Courtney Mumma and Catherine Hobbs - wiki page

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