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This document is intended to be kept up to date by the Akubra Release Manager.  It details the steps necessary to perform snapshot and official releases of Akubra.


Verify Release Privileges

To perform a release, you must have:

Update Maven settings.xml

Akubra's root pom.xml already has the correct staging and snapshot repositories listed in the distributionManagement section.  In order to deploy, you will need to add your Sonatype OSS username and password to your local ~/.m2/settings.xml file:


Avoid Maven 2.2.0

Make sure you're using a recent version of Maven. As of this writing, the latest was 2.2.1, and it worked fine. In particular, avoid version 2.2.0: it has a serious bug that affects deployments: MNG-4235.

Making a Snapshot Release

One Step

From a clean, up-to-date copy of trunk, run the following command:

  • mvn clean deploy

The snapshot will be immediately available in the public Sonatype repository:

Making an Official Release

Update KEYS

Make sure the KEYS file at the root of the source tree has your up to date public code signing key and signatures listed. If you don't yet have a code signing key, see Creating a Code Signing Key. When you are ready, append your key with the following command:

  • (gpg --list-sigs YourKeyId && gpg -a --export YourKeyId) >> KEYS

Stage the Release

This step will set the version declared in the project's pom.xml files, commit the changes to git, tag the release, and finally, commit and push andother change that increments the next development version (e.g. x.y.z-SNAPSHOT) in the pom.xml files.

mvn release:clean
mvn release:prepare -Dtag=v0.4.0
# If the above fails due to missing dependencies,
# run it again after first running 'mvn install'
git pull
git checkout v0.4.0
mvn clean install
git checkout master
mvn release:perform

Verify and Promote Staged Artifacts

  1. Log into UI, click Staging in the left column, then select the staged repository on the right. It will open below. Right click on it and select Close.
  2. Download and test that the artifacts in staging are exactly as they should be once deployed to central.

If anything is incorrect, right click the staged repository and select "Drop". After the problem is resolved, you can re-deploy the artifacts to staging via mvn release:perform -Dtag=v0.4.0 and verify them again.

If everything looks good, right click on the repository and select "Promote". The artifacts should be synced to central within a few hours.

Upload Site to Github

The release:perform step should have created a static maven site for the release (including javadocs) in /tmp/akubra-site. This step will make that documentation available at

git checkout gh-pages
cp -a /tmp/akubra-site/ .
git add .
git commit
git push

Update the Wiki

Add release notes and update all links on this page.

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