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Regular Attendees

  • Carol (star)
  • Debra
  • Val


Discussion Topics



  • Bi-weekly meeting to work on 2-pronged international outreach: general and consortial outreach for membership

General international outreach


Consortial international outreach

  • planning



  • Next meeting Monday July 11

General international outreach

  •  Does this two-pronged approach (general, consortial) make sense? Yes
    • An alternative would be to look country by country instead of by language
    • Some countries that are exclusively using our technologies would be reached through consortial approach 
    • Approach looks like a good start
    • ZoHo, Kristi to do list research
    • Carol to reach out to RSPs via email

DSpace meeting at OR notes

  • China developments; they have developed their own flavor of DSpace forked code, looking for ways to bring them back into the community
  • Ad Hoc DSpace meeting notes, July 16 at OR (David Lewis)

Another approach to membership working with RSPs

  • Could atmire customers get together and pay a small amount/
  • Would an additional European-focused level of membership undercut similar kinds of consortial members in NA?
  • Ask/talk to RSP's about the elephant in the room: exchange of contact information and advocacy on our behalf for ??

Consortial international outreach

Pick the best 3 consortia and design an approarch

Set up meeting with Michele

  • Narrow the consortial list down; which would he pick?

Possible third prong approach

  • Encourage people to engage with the DSpace ambassador program to support this kind of activity in your country
  • Work towards making these connections
  • A way to have regular contact with countries
  • How to re-start this program?
  • Possible staff discussion around ambassadors program; how to include Fedora and VIVO?

International outreach (notes from 6/23 COM)

  • Outreach through RSPs for help/feedback on idea of working together on a French and Italian DuraSpace newsletters for customers and consortia
  • Aim is to build data and relationships that may eventually translate into memberships
  • Three types of assistance: determining what types of content would best serve users in an area, translations and customer/client lists
  • key to trying to get funding from Europe is through engaging with these international orgs; consortia rather than individuals
  • Pay off is more direct exposure and more opportunities to speak at other conferences abroad
  • Need to be enmeshed with the orgs we want to engage with
  • Seems to be interest in our OS projects in Europe, two ways to learn about needs/practices
    • by country, how does it work in France and Germany?
    • by academic domain, how does it work? Is there a driving scientific purpose?
  • Michele is in charge of international partnerships for CINECA; working toward arranging introductory phone calls between us and consortial reps
    • Challenge is to make the initial org introductions to learn what the needs are and how to be helpful
    • CINECA status is changing, new director, efforts more towards italian universities; colleagues have splintered off and formed a division of another for-profit company—focus will be on non-profits, but activities will be the same; Michele will stay with CINECA; gained a new RSP "4Science"; CINECA status as RSP is in question


Action Items 

1send letters to RSP contacts regarding general int outreachCarol Minton Morris
2begin list research for French, Italian usersCarol Minton Morris Kristi Searle
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