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Table of Contents

This document is out of date. Please see: FeSL Installation

Test environment:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    • Java 1.5 (32-bit from OS X 10.5 Leopard installation, but the default 64-bit Java6 should work fine)
    • Maven 2.0.9
  • Fedora 3.3
    • Tomcat 6.0.20

Oracle Berkeley DB XML

adapted from:

  1. dbxml (versions prior to 2.5 include xerces-c 2.x, which does not build correctly in OS X 10.6)
    ./ --prefix=/usr/local/dbxml-2.5.13 --enable-java
    Note: this is a quite lengthy build. Take the dog for a walk and come back. 
  2. set environment variables
    export DBXML_HOME=/usr/local/dbxml-2.5.13
    (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH might only be necessary for OS X)
  3. Windows warning:  Oracle priovides only a 32-bit MSI.  64-bit Windows will require a build from source.


svn co fedora
cd fedora
mvn install -P fedora-installer
java -jar fcrepo-installer/target/fcrepo-installer-3.3-SNAPSHOT.jar

Select "custom" and accept all defaults and "included" options except for "Enable FeSL" which should be "true".

Start Tomcat, e.g.:



  1. Sanity check: verify that http://localhost:8080/fedora/search works for fedoraAdmin, but returns authorization denied for a valid, but non-adminstrator role (create one in $FEDORA_HOME/server/config/fedora-users.xml)


  1. Configure the $FEDORA_HOME/server/config/jaas.conf file.
  2. View the fedora-jaas documentation: FESL Authentication Module
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