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  • Board-Member-at-Large Nominations - October 2017
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The table below provides the list of candidates for the DuraSpace Board-Member-at-Large election. Included is a personal statement provided by the candidates. Each institution has one vote that will be executed by the Community Liaison, after building consensus with their colleagues and management at their institution. Voting closes November 8, 2017. Results will be announced before the end of November. 


Personal Statement (can include an indication of individual's involvement/experience with the DuraSpace opens source projects or services at their institution/s and/or with the broader preservation and archiving community and/or some detail about what he/she believes should be the current priorities and/or long term strategies for DuraSpace).

Dale Askey

McMaster University

Associate University Librarian, Library & Learning Technologies

At McMaster University, we utilize DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO and are strongly committed to supporting open source communities. McMaster is the first major Canadian university to deploy VIVO and we hope to spur others to follow suit, hence have a strong interest in its future development. As a board member, I would also seek to support the potential for collaboration between DuraCloud and the Ontario Library Research Cloud.

Carolyn Caizzi

Northwestern University

Library Department Head, Repository and Digital Curation

I am humbled to be nominated for this Board-Member-at-Large position and welcome the opportunity to help set the strategic direction and priorities of DuraSpace. With over twelve years of working in the digital library world, I have amassed various professional experiences including: 1) liaising with end users to discover and use digital assets in teaching and learning; 2) managing and prioritizing large digital collections projects; 3) planning open source repository software development projects; and 4) conceptualizing and implementing new locally developed digital preservation practices. Three years ago I was promoted to lead the operations of a software development and digital curation department. In this capacity, I gained experience in budgeting and staffing and now am very active in the organizational development of Northwestern University Libraries as a whole. Given my background working in open source communities and my interest in how organizations function and operate, I bring a level of commitment and enthusiasm to ensure DuraSpace services support open technology with the ultimate goal of providing long term access to digital cultural and scientific heritage. I welcome this opportunity to grow.

Prashant Pandey

Charles Darwin University Library

Associate Director Resources

I am passionate about developing innovative ICT services enabling discovery of the world’s scholarship and knowledge in a digital age. I am currently the associate director for resources and technology service at Charles Darwin University Library. I previously served as the Executive Director content development responsible for the content, digital and online engagement strategies for the State Library of Queensland and represented the state library on the Queensland digital economy business collaboration group, GoDigital Queensland program board and Queensland University Librarian's Office of Cooperation (QULOC). I was formerly the Director Digital Library and Innovation at Deakin University. My interest in Open Sources Repository development is informed by my accomplishments which include being product manager of VITAL (Fedora based proprietary digital asset management system) for the APAC region and lead developer and project lead of the ARROW (Australian research repositories online to the world) funded project FABULOUS, A bulk metadata editing tool with a user-friendly web interface. My current interests include artificial intelligence, digital preservation and semantic web. I am currently engaged on projects such as Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages.

Sibyl Schaefer

University of California San Diego

Chronopolis Program Manager

I have over a decade of experience working with open source technologies in a variety of roles - as part of a software development team, as a user services liaison, as the organizational implementer, and as the founder of a local users group. I am highly involved in the international digital preservation community, and also have a deep background in digital archives, including experience hiring and leading the first team of digital archivists at the Rockefeller Archive Center. In my current role leading Chronopolis, I work closely with DuraSpace on their hosted services, namely DuraCloud. These hosted services have the potential to be an area of significant growth for DuraSpace: there is a great need, especially in the archival community, for hosted digital preservation services and the current awareness of DuraSpace’s offerings is low. My experience working with these organizations and communities can help DuraSpace connect with these audiences, increase market share, and promote overall organizational sustainability.

Evviva Weinraub

Northwestern University

Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies

I have been involved with digital libraries in various ways for much of my career and have had the opportunity to work closely with DuraSpace in a variety of capacities from collaborating with them as a service provider and partner from my role on Fedora Steering, to my work with DPN, and my involvement with the Samvera community. I believe that with the launch of DSpace Direct, Hyku, and their partnerships and collaborations with organizations and projects like Lyrasis, and Avalon. With the launch of a number of hosted services, potentially changing both revenue streams and the user communities around those tools coupled with the need to reach out and engage with previously untapped communities, DuraSpace is at a pivotal crossroads. Adding to that the increased complexities of those tools and the community’s desire for better interoperability, DuraSpace needs leadership that can see the complexities that exist and help navigate a strong path forward. My career has provided me with a broad and deep view on the repository, preservation, and research data management landscape and my strong connections and commitments with the international library community will serve DuraSpace well as we navigate through this emerging landscape.  

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