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Certified DuraSpace Contributors are organizations that collaborate in DuraSpace open communities and demonstrate expertise in DuraSpace open technologies.

Certified Contributors can request community mentorship and support to grow capacity and strengthen its relationship with DuraSpace and community members. Mentorship can be arranged with community members, other DSPs, or DuraSpace staff depending on objectives and availability.

Program Structure

DuraSpace will:

  • Support  its mission of stewarding open source projects

  • Promote the Software

  • Meet with each contributor individually at least semi-annually to assess the delivery and promotion of the software, services, and joint initiatives

  • Monitor community contributions through Contributor reporting, inquiries to project leadership, and in through discussion during semi-annual meetings

  • Evaluate the Program yearly, with the assistance and feedback from Contributors, in order to make changes which increase the value and effectiveness of the Program

Service Provider will:

  • Be a contributor to the Software community through any activity such as participating in working groups/ task forces, or other community governance bodies, use case validation, testing, bug reports, bug fixes, code contributions, documentation, free training offerings or training curriculum, translations, referrals for DuraSpace memberships, or other contributions proposed and agreed to by both parties. Please note, for code contributions, DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO communities have specific code contribution guidelines that must be adhered to.

  • Provide a detailed in-kind contribution report. Using the report template provided here: is a requirement

  • Pay an annual fee of $2250 USD


  • Use of the Certified DuraSpace Contributor logo and permission to promote business using the distinction

  • A listing on the DuraSpace website and project specific websites

  • One promotional activity annually (highlighting community contributions, new initiatives, news and events)

  • Support in organizing User Group meetings

  • Referring leads to individual Contributors based on qualifying criteria (e.g. location, language, experience, etc.)

  • Certificate of Participation in the program for procurement processes

  • An invitation to attend the annual DuraSpace Members Summit (1 seats)

  • The option to procure second tier support by DuraSpace staff in the form of technical assistance, limited to a maximum number of hours annually. Additional costs may apply. Inquire for more details.  

Application Process

  • Complete the application form online: or email responses to with the subject line “Certified DuraSpace Contributor Program”

  • We will contact you for an interview

  • After our evaluation we will notify you of the results.  Please be patient as this may take some time.

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