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Certified DuraSpace Partners are organizations that have demonstrated expertise and a significant community effort to support DuraSpace open technologies through community leadership,  in-kind contributions, and financial support.

Partners contribute a minimum of 250 hours of in-kind community contribution annually as well as a percentage of gross annual revenue.

Program Structure

DuraSpace will:

  • Support  its mission of stewarding open source projects

  • Promote the Software

  • Meet with each partner individually, on a quarterly basis, to assess the delivery and promotion of the software, services, and joint initiatives

  • Monitor community contributions through Partner reporting, inquiries to project leadership, and discussion during quarterly meetings

  • Conduct annual reference checks

  • If desired, use reference checks or other customer introductions to conduct interviews, write, and promote User Stories (example)

  • Prospect new business and refer leads

  • Mediate among Partners, as needed

  • Evaluate the Program yearly, with the assistance and feedback from Partners, in order to make changes which increase the value and effectiveness of the Program

Service Provider will:

  • Promote the Software

  • Participate in regional and community events to increase awareness and help promote the Software

  • Be an active contributor to the Software community in a form that is mutually agreed to by DuraSpace. This could include a combination of participating in working groups/ task forces, or other community governance bodies, use case validation, testing, bug reports, bug fixes, code contributions, documentation, free training offerings or training curriculum, translations, referrals for DuraSpace memberships or other contributions proposed and agreed to by both parties. Please note, for code contributions, DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO communities have specific code contribution guidelines that must be adhered to

  • Provide a detailed revenue report. Using the report template provided here: is a requirement

  • Provide a detailed in-kind contribution report. Using the report template provided here: is a requirement

  • Pay a percentage of gross revenue (negotiated annually with DuraSpace). The minimum contribution amount $2,500 USD. The maximum contribution amount is $30,000 USD  


  • Use of the Certified DuraSpace Partner logo and permission to promote business using the distinction 

  • A seat on the project leadership committee to participate in discussions about priorities and strategic direction of the software and community (if desired/available)

  • Detailed and prominent listing on the DuraSpace website and project specific websites

  • Working with DuraSpace on marketing and outreach efforts to promote services

    • DuraSpace promotion of individual partners and of the group of Partners (communications highlighting community contributions, new initiatives, news and events)  to our communications network of more than 7,000 people

    • Support in organizing events which showcase services

    • Prospecting new business and referring leads to individual partners based on qualifying criteria or to the Partner group

  • Certificates of Participation and Letters of Support for formal procurement requirements (RFPs, etc.)

  • An invitation to attend the annual DuraSpace Members Summit (2 seats)

Application Process

  • Complete the application form online: or email responses to with the subject line “Certified DuraSpace Partner Program”

  • We will contact you for an interview

  • We may request more details about your organization.  All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

  • We will request two client references per year. They will be asked the following questions:

    • Can you describe the work that was done?

    • What was your satisfaction with that work?

    • What was the level of professionalism and customer service shown?

    • Please feel free to add any other observations you might wish to share

  • After our evaluation we will notify you of the results.  Please be patient as this may take some time

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