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Monday, 14:30 UTC (Teleconference)



Meeting Notes

Deliverable 2 - Document pilot application expectations and requirements

  • Tim Donohue and Peter Dietz have rewritten and simplified this document
  • All are happy with the rewrite. Only discussion point is the section on modularisation, agreed that this should be covered in questions under documentation section and the judging criteria.
  • Lieven Droogmans will simplify the wording around modularisation, Tim Donohue to review before sending out next week.
  • All issues in the comments on the Google Doc have been addressed apart from test data. Suggest could use oai-pmh to harvest data from an existing repository.
  • Agreed to split sections 8/9/10 into separate sections to make the document clearer.

Deliverable 3 - Define criteria for evaluation

  • There will be overlap between the pilot developers and those evaluating the prototypes, this is not an issue as long as people do not evaluate their own pilot.
  • Could attach evaluators to criteria instead of to a prototype, e.g. one evaluator installs all prototypes.
  • Agreed installations should be webcast and shared.
  • Performance of the prototype and the chosen technology should be considered.
  • DL3 document to be fleshed out for sharing next week.
  • Discuss migration criteria at next meeting.

Next Meeting

Jonathan Markow to send out Doodle Poll to the DSpace UI Working Group to arrange a time for next week. w/b 7th September 2015.

Action items