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REST meeting



  • Andrea has a conflict with the second half of the meeting, so we are starting with REST API updates today
  • New PR to add in Browse functionality (with linked relations) to REST AP:
  • For easier verification, this PR has already been pushed to the REST API demo at:
    • Example links are provided in the PR itself
  • Updates on REST API Priorities from last week (in order)
    1. browse (support for linked relations): This is in PR 1775

    2. bitstreams linked from the item:  Andrea Bollini (4Science) has this code ready, but not pushed up yet. He will finish this up this week. (NOTE: this is a blocker for fully integrating Angular UI into REST API demo site)

    3. bitstream download: This is optional for OR2017, but would be nice to have
    4. more real-like demo database: Andrea Bollini (4Science) will look into this next week. Should be doable by OR2017.

    5. community from the collection: Optional
    6. logo from community and collection: Optional
  • Art noticed that in pagination, the REST API returns the first page as Page 0 (zero). It'd be nice if it could return the first page as Page 1, so that UIs need not translate all page numbers to support expected pagination behaviors.

Angular meeting


  • Same attendees as above