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 from 15:00-16:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).


  • (5 mins) General development / planning updates (Tim)

  • (20 mins) OR2019 Presentation / Workshop planning. Proposals are due January 16 (extended)
    • Possible OR2019 Workshops
      • DSpace 7 Upgrading / Configuring / Customizing workshop (Tim, Art & Andrea) (for Users – Repo Mgrs and Developers).  (Presenters: Tim Donohue, Art Lowel, Andrea Bollini)
        • This will be two 1/2 day workshops:
          • First 1/2 day will concentrate on DSpace 7 from a "technician" perspective. How to install /upgrade / configure DSpace 7.  How to do minor customizations like header/footer/theme changes.
          • Second 1/2 day will concentrate on DSpace 7 advanced customization (for developers).  How to enhance the UI via Angular. How to use the REST API, etc.
      • (tick) DSpace + Docker Workshop (Terry & Pascal). How to demo/play/develop with DSpace in Docker (both DSpace 6 and 7). (Presenters: Terry Brady & Pascal Becker)
        • Ideally this would not conflict with main DSpace 7 workshop, or we'd find a way to tailor each to different audiences.
    • Possible OR2019 Talks
      • General "Introducing DSpace 7" talk (Tim).  What's in DSpace 7? Higher level overview, flashy demo, references to other "deep dive" talks.  (Presenters: Tim Donohue)
      • DSpace 7 - The Power of Configurable Entities (Lieven).  Overview of new feature, how to configure & customize your DSpace via Entities  (Presenters: Lieven Droogmans)
        • a DSpace-CRIS 7 talk is expected as continuation of the Configurable Entities talk
      • DSpace 7 - Enhanced Submission & Workflow (Andrea & Giuseppe).  Overview of new features & deeper dive on configuring/customizing/using (Presenters: Andrea Bollini & Giuseppe)
      • DSpace 7 - Open for integration. REST API talk (Andrea) (Presenters: Andrea Bollini)
      • DSpace 7 - High quality software. Developer best practice (DEV Track - Andrea) (Presenters: Andrea Bollini (lead), Giuseppe Digilio, Terry Brady (Docker), Tim Donohue)
      • DSpace 7 - New Angular User Interface (Ignace & Art)  Overview of new UI from a functional perspective, and highlight the power of Angular. (Presenters: Ignace Deroost / Art Lowel)
  • (10 mins) Quick updates on Angular UI tickets and/or PRs (Art)
  • (10 mins) Quick updates on REST API tickets and/or PRs (Andrea)
  • (10 mins) General Discussion Topics
  • (5 mins) Agenda items for next meeting?



(Notes below copied from last meeting. Details will be updated during this meeting.)