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This works only for JSPUI


  • dspace/config/dspace.cfg
  • http://
    (OAI-PMH base URL)


  1. All RSS feed options are available in dspace.cfg under the section with the following heading: <p class="Example">#### Syndication Feed Settings ######
  2. To enable RSS feeds for new/updated items in your DSpace installation, you need to set the following variable to
     webui.feed.enable = false 
  3. You can modify the maximum number of items to display in your RSS feed:
    webui.feed.items = 4 
  4. To help with performance, you can chose the number of feeds to cache (
    ) as well as the number of hours to cache a feed (
    webui.feed.cache.size = 100 
    webui.feed.cache.age = 48
  5. You can also chose the RSS formats you would like to offer a feed in. It's recommended to choose either RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 (or both):
    webui.feed.formats = rss_1.0,rss_2.0
  6. You need to decide if you want your RSS feed(s) to refer to items via their handle (e.g. or via your local DSpace URL. By default, the RSS feed contains an item's handle (specified as
    below). But, you can change it to reference your local DSpace URL by setting it to
    webui.feed.localresolve = false
  7. You can also customize exactly which metadata fields your RSS feed will display for all items. The information about an item in RSS generally consists of a Title, a Date and a Description. You can map the Title and Date using the following two options:
    webui.feed.item.title = dc.title =
    Each of these options only accepts a single metadata field. Although, you can specify an asterisk (
    ) as a qualifier, to include all qualified fields (so
    would include
    , etc.)
  8. For the RSS Description, you can actually specify a list of fields (all of which will be displayed as part of the description of an item). The format is the same as mentioned for the RSS Title and Date above, but now you can provide multiple fields separated by commas. (REMEMBER: if you expand this option across multiple lines, you must include a backslash (
    \{code}) at the end of each continued line, as in the example below): 
    webui.feed.item.description = dc.title, \, dc.contributor.editor, \ dc.description.abstract, dc.description
  9. Once you've specified all of your feed options, you must restart Tomcat (See Quick Restart in Rebuild+DSpace) for the changes to take effect.
  10. You should see one or more RSS feed buttons (similar to below) appear on your DSpace homepage, as well as each Community and Collection homepage. Clicking on one of these buttons will provide you with a feed of recent submissions at either the site level (on DSpace homepage) or at a Community or Collection level.