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Scope & Objectives

This group will reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in aspects of DSpace 7 development.

Start & End dates

Start: December 2016

End: Release of DSpace 7 with the new UI


  • DSpace 7 functional test plan, comparable to the DSpace 6 test plans
  • Identification of those use cases that will be implemented in DSpace 7
  • Communication/Outreach to the wider community at specific times


Next Meeting

The DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group meets bi-weekly. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 26 at 12:00 PM EDT on

Meeting Agendas/Notes

Jan 18, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Feb 1, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Feb 15, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Feb 22, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Mar 1, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Mar 15, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

Mar 29, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda

April 12, DSpace 7 Outreach Agenda



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  1. Carol Minton Morris fantastic !!!!!!! Thanks for joining

  2. Ideas for the first meeting:

    • Discuss how the current collection of Use Cases can be split up into:
      • Things that are definitely targetted for DSpace 7 (e.g. already existing DSpace behaviour)
      • Things that are more long term and that are not yet marked for (definite) inclusion in DSpace 7
    • Discuss how to put together the test plan for DSpace 7