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REST API Use Cases

General Use CaseDescription / Specific ExamplesInstitutions Interested in this Use Case
Repurpose / Reuse information elsewhereGenerally would be nice to be able to more easily repurpose DSpace information into other services and websites (without resorting to SQL calls or Java calls)Delaware

More easily embed DSpace content into other websites (via Javascript widgets or similar)

Harvard, University of Cincinnati, University of Missouri Library Systems
 Data visualization / Data mining tools integration.  Pull out data from DSpace and visualize elsewhere. Could help in managing data that is in DSpace University of Cincinnati, Virginia Tech
 Direct integrations with web platforms / CMSes.  Drupal was of particular interestHarvard, Virginia Tech, @mire
 Connect DSpace information up with other data sources (for example LC data) 
Create additional User InterfacesCreate a more "flashy" / sexty interface in a non-Java language (Ruby on Rails, PHP, or whatever) 
 Possible connection to Hydra framework? 
REST API as a Repository Abstraction LayerREST API could be the underlying API for many existing and future DSpace services.  For example, RSS feeds or OAI-PMH (or SWORD) could potentially be rewritten to just use the REST API for communication 
 Way to "modularize" DSpace.  Third party tools & services could be built external to DSpace (and even in non-Java languages) and use the REST API layer for interactions with DSpace.  DSpace need not "do it all" out-of-the-box. More external tools could be built to perform actions on DSpace content. 
Needs to be Highly ScalableA REST API would likely have higher loads.  It needs to undergo some scalability testing and perhaps use caching to support many concurrent requests.Virginia Tech
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