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Developers Meeting on Weds, May 13, 2015

Today's Meeting Times



  • OR15 Developer Meeting page is now posted. The meeting will occur on Monday, June 8 (workshop day) at 1:30pm-5:00pm in the Conference Hotel
    1. Please add your name to the signup sheet on that page if you plan to attend.
    2. Also, feel free to add agenda topics / ideas for the meeting.

Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 5.2 Release Status check. Is the release coming this week?
    1. Outstanding 5.2 PRs list from GitHub:
  2. Strategic Planning Updates
    1. DSpace Technical Roadmap is now in progress (still very rough draft, and actively changing)
    2. DSpace 2015-18 Strategic Plan - Technology is in a more "final draft" state
    3. Use Case Analysis is completed (but is also still ongoing as new use cases are added)
  3. Other topics?

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

(Action items go here, if any)