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In the last years, there is a growing number of institutions in Germany that run DSpace installations, most of them are libraries. They all have to deal with similar, German specific use cases, as for example to implement the automatic harvesting procedure of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library).

This page and its sub-pages are the platform to coordinate the collaboration of the German DSpace users concerning German specific themes.


Mailing Lists


DSpace-de is the mailing list of the German DSpace user community. If you have questions, tips or ideas dealing with problems specific for running a DSpace installation in Germany, the DSpace-de mailing list is the right one for you to use.


If you have questions how to use DSpace or if you have a general technical problem, it would be better to write to the mailing list DSpace-tech. Most probably, on DSpace-tech you will get your answer much faster than on the much smaller list DSpace-de.


DSpace is using Slack as communication platform. Within slack there is a new channel for the German DSpace User Group: dspace-dach.

German DSpace User Group Meetings

In 2014, it had been a couple of years that the last DSpace user group meeting took place in Germany. In the middle of the year, the university library of the Technische Universität Berlin took the initiative to restart the collaboration between the German DSpace user community and invited to a meeting in Berlin. The German DSpace User Group Meeting 2014 was held on 28, October (see below) in the Technische Universität Berlin



Automatic harvesting procedure of online publications ("Netzpublikationen") and online doctoral thesis ("Elektronische Disserationen") to DNB

By the German National Library law, the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB) has the task of collecting, cataloguing, indexing and archiving non-physical media works (“Netzpublikationen”, i.e. online publications). German publishers as well as universities and other institutions have to deliver their online publications to DNB. For online doctoral thesis and other university publications DNB offers an automatic harvesting submission procedure via OAI-PMH, using the special format XMetaDissPlus.

If you have realized support of the XMetaDissPlus format with DSpace’s OAI module, please add information here about how you solved this. You can also attache files (e.g. XSLT) as attachment to this page.

Persistent Identifier using urn:nbn:de

Beside handle and DOI there are other persistent identifier systems: DNB runs URN (urn:nbn:de). For some years it had been the only persistent identifier system that was accepted by DNB and it had been mandatory for German institutions to use URNs. This has been changed a few years ago. DNB now accepts Handles and DOIs as well as URNs for non-physical media works ("Netzpublikationen", see above).

You still can generate and register URNs, but this will need some changes in DSpace. There are several German DSpace implementations that use URNs, but there is no official implementation within DSpace.

This section is to be intended for the discussion of urn:nbn:de and its implementation in DSpace. If you are interested in this topic and want to find collaboration partners you could send an email to DSpace-de. Please feel free to add your code, documentation or other information about using urn:nbn:de to this section.


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