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This is a priority identified by the October 2011 community survey on improving metadata support authored by the DSpace Community Advisory Team at the request of the DSpace Committers/Developers. DCAT has summarized and interpreted the information gathered from the survey estimated level of effort required. DSpace community members should feel free to add more detailed explanation/examples to further flesh out the changes/requirements they would like to see. It is recommended that a community project team be formed around this work.   

Project Description

  • Simplify/make local customizations more accessible through UI and expose RDF triples  

    • simplify/make local customizations more accessible through UI: 
      • simplify where/how things are done - bring more functionality to the UI or the metadata registry
      • create more educational/tutorials on how/where to do things (i.e. how to plug in metadata schemas)
      • import/export to metadata other than DC (like in Eprints where you pick a format for export) 

Estimated Effort Level Required


Project Team

If you would like to participate or lead this project team, please identify yourself here and/or send a message to the dspace-tech mailing list

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