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Workshops / Meetings (Mon, June 9)

Main Conference (Tues - Thurs, June 10-12)

User Group Presentations / Slides (Thurs - Fri, June 12-13)

DuraSpace Plenary Session

This session gave a brief overview of what is going on with DuraSpace (including introducing the new Membership / Governance models)

DSpace 2014 Overview/Roadmap

This talk was given as part of the DuraSpace Plenary Session, and provided a brief overview of DSpace over the past year, and what the nearterm roadmap looks like. 

"Future of DSpace" - Steering Group Panel Session

This panel featured several members of the DSpace Steering Group, and detailed recent analysis of the DSpace Vision survey results and drafts of a DSpace 2014 Product Plan, DSpace Product Planning Process, and DSpace Project Governance model.


How to Hack the DSpace Community

This talk detailed how and why to give back to DSpace, and how you can help speed up the process of seeing your contributed code make it into DSpace.

ORCID for DSpace

Outline for the planned DSpace 5 contribution by University of Missouri and ATMIRE to add initial support for ORCIDs to DSpace. 

Mirage 2 - A responsive user interface for DSpace

Three years after the original contribution of the Mirage theme to DSpace 1.7, @mire is currently developing Mirage 2 for DSpace 4. This theme for the DSpace "Manakin" XML User Interface was built on modern web technologies including Bootstrap, SASS/Compass and Grunt. Mirage 2 adds support for devices in all shapes and sizes, an updated look & feel and an entire range of optimizations behind the scenes.

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