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Rough Draft of Planning Process

 This "Product Planning Process" is a rough draft as of spring 2014. For current information on DSpace Governance, please see Project Governance.

Planning Process Diagram


Planning Process Overview

High Level Vision

Every three (3?) years, the DSpace Steering Group will revisit and refresh the High Level Vision for DSpace as a product.


  • DSpace Steering Group (lead)
  • An ad-hoc "Vision Group", whose role is to help refresh the Vision. This group would be made up of members of the Product Planning Group, DCAT and the Technology Advisory Group.

Community Survey / Use Cases

Every three (3?) years, after the High Level Vision is refreshed, a new Community Survey will be performed to help validate the Vision and ensure it is in line with the needs of the Community. In conjunction with the survey, DSpace Use Cases will be refreshed based on the survey results/feedback.

NOTE: Use Case gathering is obviously an ongoing activity, and as such may be scheduled as a yearly activity to help inform the Product Plan.


  • DSpace Community Advisory Team (lead)
  • Support/Feedback from Product Planning Group
  • Support/Feedback from ad-hoc "Vision Group" (every three years)

Product Plan

On a yearly basis, the DSpace 2014 Product Plan will be updated. This is a high-level Plan based on both the most recent Product Vision, and based on the latest Survey and gathered Use Cases. This Product Plan will be approved by the Steering Group.


  • Product Planning Group (lead)
  • Support/Feedback from Technology Advisory Group and DCAT 
  • Approval by DSpace Steering Group

Implementation Options

On a yearly basis, the Technology Advisory Group will work with the Product Planning Group to determine implementation options which meet the Product Plan's yearly goals. These implementation options may involve decisions such as which third-party tool or technology to recommend utilizing in order to meet a particular use case/need.


  • Technology Advisory Group (lead)
  • Support/Feedback from Product Planning Group, Committers and DCAT

Technical Roadmap

On a yearly basis, based on the Product Plan and recommended Implementation Options, a Technical Roadmap will be created by the Committers team. This Roadmap will correspond to scheduling which major features should be in each major release of the software platform.

NOTE: The Technical Roadmap will also include features / improvements which are contributed by the community. So, it is a combination of known community contributions and planned development (based on the Product Plan).


  • Committers Team (lead)
  • Support/Feedback from Technology Advisory Group, Product Planning Group and DCAT





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