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Proposals that have either been resolved or identified as part of another project/proposal.


Create a standard way such tools and services could be integrated and used. The idea is to define an abstraction called a 'curation task' which operates at the Item level of the DSpace data model (but whose effects may very well be on individual bitstreams, or in the creation of new ones), and have some generic machinery for managing these tasks (running them, reporting on outcomes, etc).

DSpace 1.8 Configurable Reviewer Workflow

DSpace 4.0 indexing commands

JIRA Workflow Improvements

Maven Release Artifact Use & POM Optimizations

Migration to GitHub


Proposal for closer collaboration between Committers and DCAT when it comes to reviewing & locating resources to implement new feature requests.


Proposal to create a Release Advisory Team to help support the Release Manager during DSpace releases, and also provide opportunities for more immediate feedback from repository managers or other non-techie community members. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg - see page for comments)

Thoughts on Version Numbering


Proposal to move to regular, recurring releases on a schedule. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg – see page for comments)

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