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If your web connection to the Internet has to go through a web proxy server, then maven needs to be told about this in order to download code libraries and pre-requisites for the installation of DSpace.

Error message

If you do not set the proxy settings, you may see an error like htis:

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.

GroupId: org.apache.maven.plugins
ArtifactId: maven-site-plugin
Version: 2.0-beta-7

Reason: Unable to download the artifact from any repository


from the specified remote repositories:
 central (, (


Edit Maven's 'settings.xml' file. There is often a master copy of this file found in a location such as 'MAVEN_HOME/conf/settings.xml' or '/etc/maven/settings.xml', or you can edit your local copy in ~/.m2/settings.xml.

Edit settings.xml to look something like this: