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  • Jonathan Markow, Tim Donohue, Val Hollister (DuraSpace)
  • Hilde Colenbrander, Allan Bell (U of British Columbia)
  • Elin Stangeland (Oslo)

  • Amy Lana (Missouri)

  • Bob Sandusky & Sandy De Groote (U of Illinois at Chicago)

  • Sarah Shreeves (U of Illinois)

  • Tito Sierra & Richard Rodgers (MIT)

  • Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M)

  • Maureen Walsh (Ohio State)

  • Monica Rivero (Rice University)

  • Jim Ottaviani (Michigan)

  • Stuart Lewis (Edinburgh)


  • Charter for this group.  What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Community leadership
  • Planning for OR13
  • DSpace governance
  • Next steps

Meeting Notes

  •  Quick intros of everyone
  • Charter for this group.  What are we trying to accomplish?  Some rough ideas:
    • Help work on 3-5year vision for DSpace and organize with the community
    • Work with Developers on a plan forward (a Technology Roadmap) and one or more eventual projects
    • Help to plan out a broader DSpace Governance Model.
  • Community leadership
    • Would like a chair from the community to help lead this particular group.
    • Role: Lead and organize meetings. Possible "spokesperson" to the community on this initiative.
    • This is a community initiative and would really like this role to be filled by a community member. DuraSpace will still provide support as needed
    • Nominate yourself or someone else (via email) by the end of the week
  • Planning for OR13
    • DuraSpace has a Plenary to begin the User Group Sessions
    • DSpace RoadMap & Vision has essentially one full hour (two 1/2 hour sessions).  Thurs (July 11) afternoon at OR13.
      • 3-3:30pm : DSpace Roadmap & 3-5 Year Vision
        • First 15 mins: Tim's Roadmap overview (recent & upcoming releases, what's happened in the last year)
        • Second 15 mins: Introduce the draft vision? (perhaps others involved in presenting the vision?)
      • 3:45-4:15pm : DSpace Roadmap & 3-5 Year Vision Discussion
        • Get community feedback through this part of session
        • Could be organized as a panel or similar?
  • General Discussion (OR13 related and otherwise)
    • How to manage participation & folks wanting to help.  Adding members to the this group based on interest at OR13.
    • At OR13, get feedback on what is described. What aspects are really compelling in the vision.
    • Tito: Would be nice to formalize this group in advance of OR13. Formalizing the charter is necessary & formalizing the "rules of engagement".
      • e.g. How can others connect to this discussion. How big is the group? Is it a regular conference call? Is it a regular face-to-face meeting?
      • Good to try and formalize the charter BEFORE OR13
    • Richard: Transparency very important. Process needs to be community-driven from the start. All the products need to be available & transparent & open for comment.
    • Sarah S: Have us all promote this work through our own social networks. Help push it out the message via twitter and elsewhere.  Want to reach broad audience
    • Tito: Focus discussion/feedback on the single Vision Document on a specific URL. Needs more visibility & further refining. Focus on one document (and perhaps have a hashtag: #dspacevision).  Focus on getting this document to where it needs to be. Goal is a vetted document.
    • Amy: Around facilitating community discussion.  Also provide an email address to communicate ("" or something similar).  Hashtag also good. but other avenues are helpful.  Jonathan agrees.
    • Maureen: wants to see us work on charter for this group, better define ourselves before OR13.  Jonathan to work with Maureen & Tito & Sarah S on this in coming weeks.
    • Stuart: often we don't spend much time to sit back and reflect on the impact DSpace has had worldwide.
      • At OR13, Start with impact of what DSpace has had.  It has had enourmous impact worldwide.  Quotes / videos from people (if possible)?
      • Would help ground the discussion: Why do we need a vision? Why do we want to keep going with DSpace
  • DSpace governance planning
    • Discussions will take place post-OR13. Didn't get to this during the call.

Action Items

  • All: Nominations for a Chair for this Vision Group before Friday.  Lead meetings & work with DuraSpace to organize effort.
  • All: Email us if you are interested in being part of presentation/panel at OR13
  • Jonathan & others: Drafting charter for Vision group. 
    • Jonathan to try and setup a meeting/discussion with he, Maureen, Sarah S. & Tito.
    • Also work on draft with Tim & Val
    • Ideally we have a good draft ready by OR13 to discuss there & see if others would like to participate
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