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DSpace-CRIS consists of a data model describing objects of interest to the Reseach ecosystem and a set of tools to manage the data. While standard DSpace deals with publications and data sets, DSpace-CRIS involves other CRIS entities: Researchers, Projects, Organization Units and Second Level Dynamic Objects (single entities specialized by a profile, such as Journals, Prizes, Events etc: each profile can define its own set of properties and nested objects). A CRIS (Current Research Information Systems), aka as RIMS (Research Information Management System), is a system to collect information about the entities that populate the research domain and provide researchers, managers and administrators, funders and decision makers, with a solid knowledge of the research activities, their outputs and results to inform institutional strategies.

Differently from other (commercial) CRIS, DSpace-CRIS also includes the institutional repository and provides high visibility on the web to all the collected information and objects as defined by policies. 

Management of CRIS entities

  • Dedicated administrative UI for data model definition of 1st level CRIS entities: researchers, orgunits/groups, projects, using the JDynA framework
  • Ability to define new object types via UI to manage 2nd level CRIS entities, such as: prizes, awards, equipment, laboratories shared and linked to one or more 1st or 2nd level CRIS entities
  • Detail page for any entity organized in Tabs and Boxes themed with JQuery UI
  • Faceted Search using the DSpace Discovery 3.0 configuration
  • Customizable Browse indexes as for DSpace items
  • Network visualization and analysis

Integration of DSpace-CRIS entities with publications (DSpace Item)

  • CRIS entities as authority for Item metadata
  • List of referencing DSpace Items in the detail page of the CRIS entities
  • Ability to hide publications (or any other related entity: projects, etc.) in the researcher profile
  • List of selected publications (or any other related entity: projects, etc.)
  • Claim/disclaim (link/unlink) previously entered publication items, to a researcher profile

Usage Statistics

  • CRIS entity detail page visit
  • Global & Top related CERIF Entity views & downloads referencing the CRIS entity (projects for researchers, researchers for OrgUnits, etc.)
  • Global & Top item views & downloads referencing the CRIS entity
  • email and RSS alerts

Article level metrics

  • PubMed

  • Cited-by count in the item page
  • Number of pubmed articles for researcher
  • Total citations in pubmed for researcher (only items in local DSpace database will be counted)


  • SOAP WebServices for READ-ONLY access to CRIS information
  • Export CRIS entities in CERIF XML 1.6 (coming soon - see the RoadMap)
  • Import CRIS entities from CERIF 1.6 XML (coming soon - see the RoadMap)
  • CERIF compliance test / REST API (coming soon - see the RoadMap)

New features in DSpace-CRIS 5

  • ORCID integration
  • Ability to claim profiles
  • Global search with Text Highlighting

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