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Since DSpace-CRIS 5.7 supports for signposting patterns is configured out of box.  

Signposting is an approach to make the scholarly web more friendly to machines. It uses Typed Links as a means to clarify patterns that occur repeatedly in scholarly portals. For resources of any media type, these typed links are provided in HTTP Link headers. For HTML resources, they are additionally provided in HTML link elements. Throughout this site, examples use the former approach.

When visiting scholarly portals, readers can easily figure out landing pages, links to bibliographic records, authorship, etc. But, because portals use different conventions to convey such patterns, machines have a hard time finding their way around.

Read more on signposting website:

The following patterns are implemented:

  • Author
  • Identifier
  • Publication Boundary

it is enabled as an ItemProcessor (see dspace.cfg#L1841), BitstreamProcessor (#L1845) and as spring beans for the author related patterns (see sign-posting.xml ). The current implementation allows easy extension to support in future additional signposting patterns.

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