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The dspace-installDir/bin folder contains all the scripts that need to be put configured as CRON job

Metrics and Indicators

Daily Jobs

Scopus: ./scopus-retrieve

Web of Knowledge: ./wos-retrieve

PMC: ./pubmed-retrieve-citation-second 

Usage statistics: ./view-and-download-retrieve

Weekly Jobs

./period-weekly-retrieve (compute the weekly variation of all the previous metrics)

Monthly Jobs

./period-monthly-retrieve (compute the monthly variation of all the previous metrics)

Send subscription

Daily Jobs


Send notification about

  • new content (dspace items) in subscribed communities and collections 
  • new content (dspace items) modified and archived the day before linked to the subscribed cris objects, the new content (dspace items) modified during the day and archived the day before  linked to the subscribed cris objects. NOTE that if "eperson.subscription.onlynew = true" send notification about only the new content (dspace items) linked to subscribed cris objects

  • daily and total views and downloads statistics

Weekly Jobs


Send notification about weekly and total views and downloads statistics

Monthly Jobs


Send notification about monthly and total views and downloads statistics

Build the network visualization

Daily Jobs


Scan external database for new content

Daily Jobs

Scopus: ./dspace dsrun -p <submitter-email> -c collectionID

Web of Knowledge: ./dspace dsrun -p <submitter-email> -c collectionID

Pubmed Europe: ./dspace dsrun  -p <submitter-email> -c collectionID

ORCID Syncronization

Daily Jobs

./dspace dsrun

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