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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  1. DuraCloud 5.1.0 release review
  2. Priority development work (see backlog)
    1. Priority issues list


DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


Review of 5.1:  Danny got the release out, chance to share notes and questions. First release with this contributors group! Upgrades done on TDL side. 

Priority list for next release: 

  1. Priority Issues list 
    1. Removal of DPN references 
    2. Anything that has come up in the last month or two?
      1. COPPUL group in Canada would like to know about update to the AWS client builder. No ticket yet, but should be a priority to update.
      2. Roadblock on #1207, Danny put a lot of work into it but not sure how to move forward.  Moderate severity, hard to prioritize. Danny: we should do it when we have to, since we don't use spring data REST.
      3. SyncTool: gathering uses cases from different types of use: command line, single pass, continuous pass, etc. Within this group could start a list of the use cases we are aware of, some user stories, and go out to users to validate the user stories. Will keep on the list.
      4. Will leave the list as-is unless we find and create new ones and add to the list as they come up.

Next sprint and timing? 

  • Danny: same time as last year unless things don't need to be addressed immediately
  • Could do bug fixes, address more urgent problems
  • Multipart transfer would be a high value feature but a lot of work involved, to make feature possible and to re-ingest the existing chunked files
  • Three in-progress tickets that involve Andrea\
  • 6-8 weeks in Feb/Mar where Nick could do some development work, based on our priority. Nick will let the group know about availability. 


  • Determine tickets that are small enough to accomplish is a short period of time: 1192
  • Bill Branan will check with Andrea about  in-progress tickets
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