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Under Construction

This page was recently moved from the archive and is being reconstructed to fit the new Fedora Commons Wiki. There may be obsolete material on this page which needs to be updated. Help would be appreciated.

These articles are expected to be one or two page "how-tos", "faqs", whitepapers, annotated resource lists, and other informal information of interest to the Fedora Commons community. Select the Add new article... link below to contribute to your community.

Getting Started with Fedora
  • Fedora Repository 3 Documentation
  • Fedora Tutorials
  • The RepoMMan Project team at the University of Hull, UK have produced a document detailing their experience developing a Fedora repository from scratch. This is a work is offered without warranty or guarantees and shows you "how to do it" - or, at least, how it might be done!
  • Indiana University's Fedora pages, including some basic documentation and details on content models.
Developing Applications with Fedora Commons
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