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There are a number of mailing lists in use by the Fedora Commons community. These mailing lists are usually the best "first point of contact" for help and to contact others with the same interests.
User Mailing List

 If you have a problem or are just looking for examples, the User Mailing List is our most responsive forum for exchange of information among users.

The community of Fedora Commons users includes individuals with a wide range of interests and skills. The user mailing list provides the opportunity to interact with these users and the development staff to discuss issues and ideas related to using Fedora. So, join the list, ask questions, share your expertise or simply take in the ongoing conversation. Any way you use it, the user's mailing list provides the best way to get hooked up with the Fedora user community.


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Developer Mailing List

For the best help and latest information regarding Fedora Repository Software development, participate in the Fedora Tech Mailing List.

A growing community of developers build a wide variety of applications that can be used with Fedora Commons software. They also contribute new services and improvements to the core code base. The Fedora Commons project and open-source community rely on a development process fueled by an open system of contributors and committers. The Fedora Tech mailing list is the primary forum for Fedora Commons developers and the community to discuss all Fedora Commons software and services.


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Additional Mailing Lists
Mailing Archive

Mailing lists are archived in the Wiki to permits us to more easily cross reference mail posting with Wiki pages, the Jira tracker, test results and plans. The mailing list is the easiest way for the community to collaborate but we also want to create a more permanent record where you can navigate between issues and solutions. It is perfectly acceptable to link to any Web resource from the Wiki or Tracker but it is easier to maintain the links if we archive the mail postings in the Wiki.

There are many different viewers available to search for mail archive.  Here are a few of our favorites:

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