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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:

  • Time: 9am Eastern Standard Time US (UTC-4)
  • Voice
    • Via Skype (Dial from anywhere):
      • In Skype, select Add a New Contact
      • In the search box, type freeconferencecallhd.8053991200, hit Enter, and add the contact
      • Call the contact
      • When prompted, bring up the Skype keypad and enter the following by clicking with your mouse – not using your keyboard: 341861#
    • Via Phone (US Number):
      • +1(805)399-1200, Access Code: 341861
  • IRC:


Regular Items:

  1. Notetaking reminder: all via IRC
  2. Review recently submitted issues (15 minutes)

Discussion Topics:

  1. Readiness for 3.6
  2. 3.6 Test Plan
  3. Check-in re: OR2012 face-to-face. Who's going? Thoughts about agenda?
    1. Semantic Web submeeting?

Individual Status



Attendees: Adam, Chris, Ed, Eddie, Frank, Marcel, Ben


See notes on IRC.

Eddie: Error trying to build in EC2, cannot get through Config B tests.
Eddie: Error looks like timing/timeout error related to journalling.
Chris: Has seen problems with some Maven artifacts.
Adam: Will do sanity check with a build from an empty Maven repository.
<eddies> timeout error was in org.fcrepo.server.journal.readerwriter.multifile.TestLockingFollowingJournalReader
[Eddie: File to quies the journalling and its is checking when to start.
Chris: REST calls unencoding changed perhaps because of the CXF change.
Adam, did you get back in?
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1102 URL Escaping PIDs Returns 404s - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Eddie: With Ben, change in XML schemas for data stream profiles
Eddie: Two generated classes in the SOAP client caused a lot of work likely related to JAXB. Worked out a way to do it but concerned about other integrations.
Chris: Must get past FC-REPO 1102 before we can tell.
<eddies> fyi, here are the changes i had to do to fedora-client to support getDatastreams:
<kompewter> [ FCREPO-951: Create REST API equivalent of getDatastreams API-M method · ad27b35 · mediashelf/fedora-client · GitHub ] -
Frank: eSciDoc on 3.4.2
Frank: They may have built there own client.
Eddie: JAXB may not have been the best choice for the client but it was pragmatic.
Eddie: Not likely to be a big issue for this release.
Chris: Same.
39 <kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1103 External DS locations referring to "local.fedora.server" cannot be checksummed on ingest - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Eddie: There are several item related to checksumming.
Chris: There may be too many issues to be confidant of a quality release.
Adam: Should we reset the test plan.
Chris: Just as long as we don't lose information.
Eddie: Reset the two that are green.
Chris: We have not had a release in a while and this first round identified a lot of the issues.
Chris: Particularly a full system test with external databases. This it will take at least a week to address the issues.
Eddie: Hopes we have uncovered the big stuff.
Eddie: But its hard to tell.
Adam: Tried to run the Postgresql on the MAC and FESL is being a very bad dobe.
Adam: Aaron had done some work using properties files.
Aarons work permits running system tests using a preconfigured Fedora (using any database).
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1101 User-provided JDBC jar not copied during install - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Chris: Jonathan, does 1101 cause a problem for you.
Chris: Will focus on FCREPO-1102
hris: We need to slip release date so we need to set a new one.
Eddie: July 5th or after OR12
<barmintor> Wow, the original EOL for JDK6 was in July, and announced in February.
<barmintor> Hmm, maybe the extension to nov was announced in Feb
<cwilper> I noticed that too. Oracle seems a bit more aggressive about EOLing than Sun was. Which is both good and bad.
<barmintor> I'm not super enthusiastic about upgrading a bunch of Solr apps from 1.4 to 3.6, but we can't really blame anyone but ouselves (tongue)
<cwilper> Two major versions...should be cake!
<barmintor> Hmm

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