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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. RDF update from Hydra workshop
  2. Fedora 3 storage bug status
  3. Review current fcrepo4 work
    1. RDF iteration in the core
    2. Clustering
    3. AuthN/Z
    4. Large file support
  4. DLF Hackfest planning
    1. Install-fest announcement

Previous Actions

  • Benjamin Armintor to send email for others to sign his and other committers' keys
  • Greg Jansen to check into possible cluster testing resource at UNC.


RDF update from Hydra workshop - Chris

  1. Official notes will be released soon
  2. Discussed:
    1. Impact of F4 object model
    2. Role of defined datastreams
    3. What does indexing RDF look like?
    4. Round tripping of vocabularies into repository
      • Stanbol is likely a good fit
    5. What does an RDF stack stack look like?
    6. Access controls
    7. Predicate mapping ( e.g. MODS to DC )

Fedora 3 storage bug status - Ben

With input from Scott and Mike

  1. Can recreate issue by terminating incomplete rebuild
    • Fix is in to flag if rebuild completes normally if rebuild process is interrupted while running
  2. Tests need to be added
  3. Storage utility (FCSU) is separate code
  4. Will ship as 3.7.1 ( artifact release Fri or Sat )
  5. Performance enhancements will be in 3.7.2 ( for review at DLF )

RDF iteration in the core - Adam

  1. Improved efficiencies
  2. Currently working on mutation of triples
  3. Impact of relationship with auth ( Frank's thought about not ignoring; Scott thinks there is middle ground )


  1. Benchmarking - Frank
  2. Looking for isolated test environment for benchmarking
  3. Improved benchmarking tools for clusters
  4. Gathered requirements for cluster
  5. New cluster in-progress in addition to Frank's at SCC
    1. Osman @ Yale
    2. Scott @ Wisc
      • Will be submitting request Monday
      • Library will be sponsoring request
    3. Greg @ UNC
      • Will be meeting with IT folks Monday

AuthN/Z - Greg and Scott

  1. Logging and exceptions are now a part of the code
  2. Metadata-reader role will be added later
  3. Integration tests to be completed very soon
  4. Next will be running performance testing

Large File support - Eric

  1. Improvements in new version of modeshape
  2. Large file support in 3.6
  3. On demand loading of datastream checksum in 3.7
  4. Filesystem connector has been updated

DLF Hackfest planning

  1. Public install-fest Tuesday evening
  2. Announcement to be released shortly

New Actions


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