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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:




  1. Holiday release goals and status
    1. identify not yet finished key capabilities
    2. identify untested features
    3. identify undocumented features
  2. A few new namespaces have been proposed ( and  Are these useful and meaningful, or should the predicates be included in one of the existing namespaces such as ?

Previous Actions



  • Finished testing large file ingest, comparing federation to REST API.
  • Updating REST API and Triplestore documentation.
  • Work on the "feature tour" documentation. 
  • Work on some feature documentation and organization.
  • external indexing - code, review, documentation
  • Will be reviewing, squashing/merging/committing tickets
  • Finished document:  How to Configure Servlet Container for Authentication
  • Finished performance test:  AuthZ/No AuthZ
  • This weekend, next week:  continue content-model-to-node-type documentation
  • This weekend:  submit benchtool PR with authentication fixes (completed, need to test with Fedora 3)
  • moved and updated glossary
  • updated RESTful API to include roles endpoint
  • preparing PRs for authz
  • upcoming: more documentation, review of authz docs
  • upcoming: some remaining PR edits
  • upcoming: make jetty.users.file a maven system property (as per Scott's tests)


  • overview of Holiday release goals and status - Mike 
  • Authorization - Greg

    • reported updates and discussed changes to configuration

    • discussed multiple release builds to make it easier to have users test

    • discussed enabling user to make configuration changes at startup in future release

    • discussed include a default admin user in upcoming release in addition to current configuration

  • content modelling -  overview documentation forthcoming

  • large files - Frank

    • will continue to work on testing with new ModeShape

    • will continue analysis of new ModeShape impacts on performance

  • external search documentation - Eric
    • documentation and testing continuing
    • framework is in place to get the work done
  • internal search has been tested
  • versioning - need use cases
  • Issue of restarting and Perm Gen will need to be addressed in future release
  • performance

    • document performance results as a point of reference for users

    • test different configurations for the default releases

  • cluster not yet ready for general testing but documentation will be available for helping those interesting in clustering

  • namespaces - Esme

    • discussed advantages of different approaches to adding namespaces and the impacts on users

New Actions

  • two WAR files will be created, one with an admin user and one without

  • testing and documentation will contunue
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