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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Fedora committers will hold our third annual face-to-face meeting in Austin, Texas, on June 6th – the day before Open Repositories 2011. At this meeting, technical contributors and committers will discuss the future of the core Fedora Repository software and improvements to our community-driven development process.

As more details develop, they will be added to this page.


  • Day: June 6th, 2011
  • Time: 9am-4pm
  • Place: Room 4.102 in the Casteneda Library (PCL)
  • Expected Attendance: 10-20 (committers and guests)

Note on Accomodations

If you're planning on staying at the OR conference hotel, be advised that the conference rate of $129/night is only available from June 7th onward. The OR11 website accomodations page has a list of alternative hotels you may wish to choose from for the nights of June 5th and 6th.


This is a very rough list for now, and will solidify as we get closer to the date.

Feel free to add to the list ideas below.

  • Fedora 4.0 Planning
    • High Level Storage
    • Complete move to Spring
    • New Service Mapping/Implementation
    • Others?
  • Fedora 3.X Planning
    • "3.Last" performance review proposed at London 2010 meeting?
  • Process and Contributor Involvement

Assigned topics (most from May 24th committers' meeting):

  • Steve: Messaging Integration Patterns, Content Change Notification, etc.
  • Eddie: Fedora Client, Patterns for multi-server-version compatibility
  • Steve, seconded by Ben: Posting to disseminators, etc., successor to current service architecture.
  • Aaron: Skype? Eddie: Group video on Skype works well. Do a trial account a few days before. Scott will get a trial Skype account to work with, and someone will volunteer a machine at the scene.
  • Adam: Google Summer of Code project update, low-cost moves towards OSGi, Semantic Web support, continuing to migrate Enhanced Content Model functionality into core services
  • Smaller topics:
    • Scott and Adam: questions about authentication servlet filter refactoring project
    • Scott: questions about tutorial writing

Sign Up to Attend! 

Please add your name and availability below if you're planning on attending. We have enough room for all committers and several guests.

Able to Attend

  • A. Soroka, University of Virginia - available all day
  • Chris Wilper, DuraSpace - available all day
  • Ben Armintor, Columbia
  • Scott Prater, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Bill Branan, DuraSpace
  • Edwin Shin, MediaShelf
  • Stephen Bayliss, Acuity Unlimited
  • Gert Schmeltz Pedersen, DTU Library
  • Andrew Woods, DuraSpace
  • Asger Askov Blekinge, State and University Library, Denmark
  • Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace
  • Jonathan Green, Discovery Garden
  • Ed Fugikawa, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
  • Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace - part of the day
  • Peter Sefton - The Fascinator / ReDBox
  • etc..

Unable to Attend

  • ?

Draft Schedule for 6 June






Smaller topics (see above)







Steve, seconded by Ben

Service architecture (posting to disseminators, successor to current service architecture)


Steve et al.

Messaging and content change notification (incliuding SemWeb/RI questions that follow therefrom)



FeSL update (hopefully more than just an update)



Lunch (including discussion of contributor involvement)



FedoraClient (including involvement, patterns for multi-server-version compatibility)


Ben (and Virtual Dan)

3."Last" (including procedural considerations going forward to 4.0, testing infrastructure)



4.0 Planning (see list above, also Adam's ECM questions)


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