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Security is a cross-cutting issue in any system but has very special concerns in long-term repository architecture like Fedora. Also, security is not one "thing" but the combination of many things including institutional, configuration and operational aspects. This forum is for discussion threads about any aspect of Fedora security including both the core repository, the service framework, and cooperating services.

Currently Fedora has two major development threads for security, the legacy internal security system that is integral with the core Fedora Repository, and FeSL that operates both at the interface or the Fedora Repository or as a middle-ware product. Both threads are discussed in this forum.

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  1. Until I read this page I had no earthly notion that FeSL could be deployed as middleware outside of Fedora's core repository services (which is what I take the above text to indicate). One task that might be brought back to the Security Documentation thread would be to explicate the possible ways in which FeSL can be deployed. Reading the current docs, I found no reason to suppose that it could be deployed anywhere other than as part of the core services.