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This documentation covers an old version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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From the homepage or any container page a form exists that lets you create a new container or binary that will be the child of the current container.

Creating Containers or Binaries

You have the option to create a container or binary. When you create a container by selecting "container" for the "Type" field, you may provide an identifier and click "Add" to create a new container with that identifier. 


If you choose to enter an identifier, it may be a simple or namespaced name. If you opt not to enter an identifier, a new resource will be created with an automatically generated name and path.

Special Characters

When entering an identifier for a resource, certain characters have specific meanings that you should understand to avoid errors.

  • The colon ":" character is used to separate namespace prefixes from local names. If a colon is entered in a name it must be preceded by a valid registered namespace prefix.
  • The slash "/" character is used to denote hierarchical path separation. Multiple resources will be created in the event that slashes exist in your specified ID.



When you choose to create a new binary, a file selection form element is presented. You must select a file that will be the content of the binary. A description of the binary, termed a nonRdfSourceDescription, will also be created.



It is not recommended to upload files larger than 1GB using this HTML form. To ingest large files, please refer to the RESTful HTTP API.

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