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Sprint Wrap Up for MPDL




  1. Meta analysis of sprint process
  2. Summarize final state
  3. Walk through in-process and unstarted tickets
  4. Teeing up for next sprint


Meta Analysis

  • problems with setup of dependencies in POMs
    • fcrepo core conflicts with Solr dependencies
    • this is because Solr is running in the same classloader with core repository functions
    • maven archetypes probably cannot resolve this, however changes to wiring and configuration might
  • stand ups - only partly useful
    • as new contributors, they lack a complete overview of the project and it's modules
    • these meetings cannot cover enough ground for overview of modules
    • hard to get context for the reports from other people in the stand up
    • feedback: discussions of their own issues did not always lead to resolution or path forward
      • implementing many possibilities is impractical
      • fedora community may lack consensus, but we still need to pick an approach to try next
  • pivotal
    • want to use it more in next sprint and more individually
    • seems better to have individual developer account, not sharing project tools
    • Ye is on next sprint

Summary of Final State

  • An remains with the bootstrap of solr configuration files. It is unclear if these can be worked out today or Friday.
    • may revise ticket to indicate a "stub implementation", i.e. not fully operational, then add a ticket for full implementation in next sprint
    • both new and old tickets will link to the github repo that reflects this issue with some explanation.
  • Will try to clean up wiki page one last time before the end of the day on Friday. Hopefully the page can incorporate some of the feedback now.

Teeing Up for Next Sprint

  • Remaining backlog search tickets are clear enough, but some clarification questions have been put into comments
  • A new implementation of Solr ticket will be created to indicate an implementation that is fully operational, i.e. beyond stub


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