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Monday 2013-10-21

Sprint planning

Tuesday 2013-10-22

  1. Eric
    • created tickets
  2. Frank
    • Went to dentist
    • Post exception on IRC gist
    • SCC benchmark ticket is broad-scope
      + create new ticket for benchmarking
  3. Greg
    • Working roles
      xx + move content into Futures
  4. Osman
    • Scripted integration tests
    • Adding waits seems to help
    • Working with wait between 5 and 2.5 seconds
    • Ran Frank's benchmarks
      xx + add ticket for Osman to update wiki, results of benchmarks
  5. Scott
    • Created roles/permissions matrix
    • Updating wiki documentation
    • Will be working on integration tests
    • Worked with Ben on F3 patch
    • Will finish review of F3 today
  6. Adam
    • Waiting for code review to complete
      xx + Push Adam's update (2 branches)
    • Jena datasets are prevalent
    • Adding triples to models does not throw exceptions
      • problems are owe RDF branch
    • New iterator
      • You can pull on it until error is hit
      • You can pull all of the triples, and errors are set on another iterator
      • Agreed: Or iterator can throw ex but still be available
      • Permissions exceptions will be logged

    1. Implementation discussion
      • The RDF source will produce triples. If it throws an exception, it's up to the client to decide what to do about that. The iterator will continue to work and produce triples until it is genuinely exhausted. We didn't finalize what to do at the HTTP layer, because Frank, Scott, and Greg discovered some subtleties and different possibilities for useful behavior there.

Wednesday 2013-10-23

  1. Ye
    • Creating documentation for Solr on wiki and in webapp
  2. Scott
    • Finished review of F3 patch
    • Combed wiki documentation of access roles
    • Will start on integration tests
    • Scott to create ticket performance tests with and without
  3. Osman
    • Running tests on cluster
    • JMS test bug still outstanding
    • Running integration tests in background
    • Discuss further on IRC: test ideas
  4. Greg
    • Resolved halting integration test
      • HTTP Client was running out of connections
    • + Come up with cluster game plan: greg, scott, osman, frank
    • Will be migrating project into futures github
      • Today or tomorrow?
    • Access Roles
      • Root has a default ACL
        • Will be changed so that only the admin account can update root
      • Being able to change the default will likely be a general need
      • Goal: get F4 running, loaded, usable in < 10min
  5. Frank
    • Working on SCC 7-node cluster
    • Cluster admin will have time to address issues, hopefully we kill zombies
    • Timeout issue
      • May or may not be resolved
  6. Eric
    • Submitted 3.5 version of ModeShape
    • Working with FileSystemConnector to optimize performance
      • Will create real hash lazily
    • Will be fixing FixityService
  7. Adam
    • Moving on with RDF iteration
    • Will be addressing an existing issue: will be replacing update listener
      • SPARQL update will still load all of the properties of a resource

Thursday 2013-10-24

committers meeting

Friday 2013-10-25

  • Scott
    • Working with Greg Jansen, refactoring integration test framework to make it easier to do combinatorial work with objects and roles. Today to finish integration tests.
  • Osman
    • Running tests with local cluster, working with frank asseg to get the numbers together and provide graphs and reports. 
  • Greg
    • Working with Scott Prater, resolved a test bug with MODE 3.6 regarding access control for child nodes. Polishing off minor tickets for basic PEP, moving onto XACML PEP.
  • Frank
    • Working on AWS cluster, will use it for benchmarking. Has more or less given up on SSC cluster for now, waiting to hear from admins. FlZ investigating building their own cluster.
  • Eric
    • Offered PR to MODE for large-file connector apparatus. Waiting to hear back.
  • Adam
    • Continuing to work on RDF iteration.

Monday 2013-10-28

  • Adam
    • RDF iteration
    • home sick
    • Will be discussing search
  • Chris
    • Working CND to RDF ticket
    • Properties are not all URLs
    • Integration tests in IDE, filesystem projection failing
  • Frank
    • Working AWS cluster
  • Greg
    • Resolving bugs exposed by integration tests
    • Will be rolling into Futures github account
  • Osman
    • Working clustering
  • Scott
    • Finished integration tests
    • Will be able to get library-tech 7 VMs
      • Will have more details after lunch
    • Working on clustering wiki page

Tuesday 2013-10-29

  • Scott
    • Finished auth integration tests
    • New pull-request ready to go
    • Working on jacoco build issue
    • Spoke with sysadmin for setting cluster
      • Need more details for request
    • Will be working on performance with and w/o authz
  • Osman
    • Finishing cluster testing
    • Had issue with one node
      • One node is not creating objects
  • Greg
    • Met with sysadmin for 8-node cluster
    • Using same specs as Oxford VMs
    • Cluster should be ready by end of this week
    • Will be sending PR to ModeShape for wrong exception
    • Working on XACML PEP
  • Frank
    • Working on AWS cluster
    • Updated puppet scripts
    • Ubuntu
  • Adam
    • Set up PR for RDF iteration
    • Will be reviewing Chris' PR

Wednesday 2013-10-30

  • Adam
    • Polishing Chris' PR
    • Will be leaving HTML templates alone for now
    • Should be able to wrap up by end of week
    • SPARQL update needs to be revisited (LDPath)
  • Chris
    • Review Async rest api
  • Eric
    • ModeShape: reviewing PR
    • Working fixity bug
  • Frank
    • Working AWS
    • Update puppet scripts
    • Will be testing AWS cluster
  • Greg
    • No cluster yet
    • PR for AuthZ coming soon
  • Osman
    • Finished cluster documentation
    • Working on JMS port
  • Scott
    • Wrote 7-node cluster proposal
    • AuthZ: Will be adding 'delete' integration tests
    • Running AuthZ performance tests

Thursday 2013-10-31

Sprint wrap-up


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