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Andrew WoodsDuraspace
A. SorokaUniversity of Virginia
Benjamin ArmintorColumbia University
Nigel Banks  Discovery Garden
Michael DurbinUniversity of Virginia
Esmé CowlesUC San Diego
Chris Beer  Stanford University
Greg Jansen University of North Carolina

Fedo Raadmin

University of Constantinople

Eric JamesYale University



November 4 - 8, 2013

  • Check-in @3pm Monday Nov 4
  • Check-out @11am Friday Nov 8


The house (1, 2

  • 1903 Robbins Place #601, Austin

I've started a map (editable by anyone with the link)

...somewhere in Austin near the DLF Conference 


 Arrival Flight# and TimeDeparture Flight# and Time
AndrewFrontier 212, 11/4 2:18pmFrontier 215, 11/8 6:19pm
Adam3 November, eveningishRight after DLF
BenWas always here, in a wayand part of him will remain here forever
NigelAA Flight 2222, Nov 4, 2:40pmAA Flight 1201, Nov 8, 11:05am
MikeUA573, Nov 4th, 10:43amUA3552, Nov 8, 7:17am
EsméDelta 1858, 11/4 11:35amUS Airway 2896, 11/8 11:52am
ChrisVX218 Nov 3 3:40pmVX221 Nov 8 5pm
GregAA, 11/1

AA, 11/9

FedoAMR, 11/1AMR, 11/10
EricUA3469 11/3 10:16PMUA1451 11/7 2:39PM



Potential Topics

Below is a list of potential topics for group discussion during the Hackfest. Ideally, we cover the selected topics (i.e. those topics with a champion) Monday afternoon/evening. If a topic does not get covered, we will slate if for another time during the week.

F4 Key capabilitiesAndrew Woods
DisseminatorsMichael Durbin, A. Soroka
Modularization/Plugin frameworkA. Soroka
YourKit Fedo Raadmin
Testing framework and relationship of testing to specificationA. Soroka
RDF in general: Fedora currently, Hydra Summit, etcUnknown User (
Maven archetypesA. Soroka
Authz and its usecasesGreg Jansen
HTML rendering 
Pivotal/GitHub/Review processes 
Community Resources plan 
New event format (not legacy Fedora 3 format)A. Soroka

Must-do Items

Code4Lib (Chapel Hill) proposal
Key signing
Comb pivotal tickets
GitHub identified issues

Agenda Notes

  1. Eat huge amounts of barbecue, washed down with delicious Live Oak Pilz.
  2. InstallFest? Possibly hosted at Fedora house, Monday or Tuesday evening?
    1. Possibly? Still just possibly?
    2. Possible to get a notice to the DLF schedule added?
  3. Installation/Configuration mini-screencast videos (starring Andrew Woods and his Dancing Teeth!)
  4. Maven archetypes: JAX-RS service (HTTP API extension), vanilla module, JMS listener...
  5. Andrew Woods promised that we'd come up with a migration plan for disseminators (fedora 3 service definition/deployment)
    1. A. Soroka believed him.
  6. Revisit RDF contract with fcrepo-kernel classes in light of recent Hydra RDF conference
  7. Hydra/F4 AuthN/Z future directions and opportunities
    1. How do we make it easier for Hydra to use F4 authZ?
  8. HTML outputs-- can we make them more available for contributions? (Hint: a template language more widely used than Apache Velocity.)
    1. Or, instead, can we make it more obvious that the HTML that comes with it not meant for extension?
  9. Review testing framework
    1. We have to mock, and we have to mock a lot of code, but the repetitiveness of our mocking code is starting to mock us.
    2. Let's stop mocking our own statics! (Says A. Soroka, the guy who introduced most of that awfulness, who has now learnt his lesson.)
  10. Code-Key signing
  11. Nail down F4 core capabilities
  12. Modularization/wiring approach
    1. Plug-in model
    2. Internal (core) service architecture


  1. Powerstrips
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Cables
  4. DLF livestream on the TV (dedicated laptop, video cabling to TV)
    1. Why TV? Why not just the laptop?

Action Items

  • Andrew Woods to get a notice to the DLF schedule added
  • Shopping lists!
    • Nearby grocery stores / other merchants of needful things?



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