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Sprint Wrap Up




  1. Meta analysis of sprint process
  2. Summarize final state
  3. Walk through in-process and unstarted tickets
  4. Teeing up for next sprint


  • Nigel
    • Hackfest
      • Better to arrive on Sunday
      • Allow leaving on Saturday
    • May be useful to try pair-programming
  • Mike
    • Somewhat distracting having steering at developer meeting
    • Good exposure to new code
  • Adam
    • Sometimes large tasks land on one person's plate
      • Ben in the case of Jersey2
  • Ben
    • Went as expected
  • Chris
    • Happy the icebox is cleared
  • Eric
    • Delighted with participating in hackfest
    • Interested in getting a better understanding of entire codebase
    • Ready for the deepend of baseline development
      • Maybe other developers can delegate routine, but new tasks
  • Osman
    • It is a bit difficult with the different levels of experience on the project
  • Andrew
    • Noticed value in having feature-focus, that was driven by the 4.0 Key Capabilities and Christmas Release in this case
    • Introduced potential process shift to ending sprint with team testing each others' features
    • Action: document role/expectations of scrum-master


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