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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. Ongoing Hydra access control metadata discussions, focusing on WebAccessControl proposal from W3C.


Hydra Access Controls

  • Justin Coyne mostly done implementing WAC proposal
    • Should be working in Hydra
  • Resources reference access control nodes
  • Should we enforce in Fedora?
    • Role-based access control?
    • New module?
    • Might solve problem of not being able to use fine-grained access control in file system federation
  • Most people in Hydra community are interested in this standard
  • Modes as predicates
    • Limited set of HTTP modes
    • Use cases for other modes?
  • Hydra devs getting together in first week of November to implement
    • Working on Hydra modelling more broadly
  • How to control who can set ACLs?
    • Some questions about implementations
    • Broad ability to create ACLs is powerful, needs to be constrained
    • Could be done at the application layer, or maybe with XACML
  • Does Fedora need an API for this?
    • Maybe no - just use SPARQL-update
  • Need an index/cross-reference between ACLs and objects to enforce in Fedora
    • Resources would have reciprocal properties linking to ACLs
      • Could enforce in this way
      • Could maybe work for filesystem federation as well
        • Would be more complicated - might need an index
  • Greg: replace basic roles with WAC roles
    • Enforce in XACML or Java code as they are now
    • Can extend roles with XACML
    • New roles unsupported by WAC could still be created and enforced at the XACML level
  • Great opportunity for interoperability (WAC/LDP)
    • Hydra over Marmotta is much easier now that Fedora implements LDP (as does Marmotta)
  • Can enforce in Hydra or Fedora or both
  • Need to post page on Fedora 4 wiki for broad comments

List ordering (Stefano)

  • Tested blank nodes and they work now
  • An ordering ontology supported in the repo would be preferred
  • Need to establish a community quorum for proceeding
    • Schedule special topic call