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  • Time: 2:00pm Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • Call-in: DuraSpace conference line
    • 1-209-647-1600, 117433#



Related documents:

  1. Introduction and topic summary
    1. Establish common understanding of function of WedAccessControl Authorization Delegate
    2. Use-cases
    3. Compile initial requirements
  2. Workplan and timelines
    1. Development, testing and validation
  3. Next steps
    1. Summarize and Post use-cases and requirements
      1. Iterative meetings, as required
      2. Set deadline for feedback
    2. Create strawman design
      1. Set deadline for feedback
    3. Confirm commitments
      1. developer and stakeholders (verification)
    4. Schedule sprints


Intro and topic summary

  • Use cases for WebAC
    • University of Maryland
      • Some resources are public and some are not
      • For public resources, users should not be challenged for authentication
      • Probably not related to authorization but this can be a requirement for WebACL implementation
      • Art Institute of Chicago solves this problem by using a public mirror of the repository
    • Use properties other than rdf:type to make assertions about authorization
    • Multiple applications connecting to Fedora and one authorization layer
      • External applications should be able to enforce Fedora WebACLs
  • Why do people want WebACL vs. another authorization scheme?
    • Simpler/cleaner than XACML but not as granular
      • Are there use cases in XACML that need to be represented in WebACL?
  • How are multiple multiple policies on the same resource interpreted?
    • This would be a matter of implementation
  • WebAC permissions
    • Read, Write, Append, Control
    • Append may be analogous to PATCH, no DELETE allowed
      • Use case: Dropbox functionality for adding resources but not editing/deleting them
      • Use case: Allow users to add new objects to a collection without being able to delete the collection
        • Users can edit/delete their own objects but not the collection
  • Granularity
    • Both containers and binaries should support WebAC
    • Should WebAC also support restrictions on properties?
      • Not currently supported in other authorization schemes. 
      • Not a requirement for initial implementation
  • Authentication
    • Fedora assumes that incoming requests have already been authenticated.
  • Web IDs
    • Agents/principals have URIs
      • Currently principals only need to be represented by a string
    • Shibboleth with provide URIs, other authentication systems likely will as well
    • We should support both URIs and strings

Next steps


  • Collect use cases
    • Post to community and ask for feedback
    • Schedule another call if required
  • Check with Hydra community regarding requirements
  • Schedule implementation meeting
  • Schedule development sprints
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    1. Thanks, Stefano Cossu. Most of these requirements a directed at the application level above F4. However, I did pull the following into the "use cases" section of the design document: