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Dial In Details

Date: Friday November 13, 2pm EST (-5 UTC)

Meeting Goals

  1. Determine relevant processes for stakeholders
  2. Determine how we transition to design and development.



  1. Discuss initial list of stakeholders - Has everybody who wishes to identify as a stakeholder done so?   Anybody on the fence?
  2. Agree on stakeholder responsibilities.  Aaron B wrote an initial description in People and Roles
  3. What process will the stakeholders follow in order to assemble an initial list of priorities/requirements?
    1. Communication channel:  fcrepo-community, wiki page, phone call, irc, dedicated mailing list?
  4. Do we have a rough sense on when our first design/development sprint may occur, or is it too early to discuss?

Related Resources

Design Page (with use cases outline)

Use Cases Parent Page

Previous meeting agenda, including minutes



  1. Josh Westgard
  2. Ruth Duerr
  3. Stefano - to update the wiki
  4. Elliot - distributing API extensions, also interested in package deposit
  5. Will - async storage
  • Action add your own name and use cases of interest to the roles page

Stakeholder responsibilities

Point of clarity, API-X has two aspects

  • extension framework
  • extensions
    Also, stakeholders are not implicated in software development
    Stakeholder responsibilities are a collective responsibility
    • all stakeholders do not necessarily take all responsibilities

Process for assembling priorities/requirements

Use this call for deciding on priority use cases
Useful to have the framework represented as a "use case" with stakeholders
Need to decide on initial set of use cases and related requirements

  • Aaron to assemble wiki page with priority use cases
  • Next call, to discuss that page, and deciding on target use cases

When will the first sprint happen?

Need to have prioritization before we can plan sprint scheduling

Next meeting

Aaron to create doodle for the week of Nov 30th

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