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  1. Performance and scale hackathon
  2. ModeShape 5 issue
  3. JMeter tests with MySQL
  4. Test results
  5. Request on root resource with a million children fails to respond



  • University of Michigan can fund a hack house for performance and scale work
  • Can hopefully schedule for this Fall, but the calendar is getting close
  • Maybe in Ann Arbor?
    • Nick can probably go
    • Esme’s calendar is already pretty full

ModeShape 5 issue

JMeter tests with MySQL

Test results

  • Esme has done test #4 thoroughly
    • Will do test #2 with Mode5
    • Has not done test #1 due to lack of disk space
    • Currently we only have tests for #1-4
  • Andrew will write test #5 and Esme will provide the file
  • Esme will run test #3 until running out of disk space
    • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Need to do some analysis of the test results
    • Are these results adequate for the kinds of use cases people actually have?
    • Can we push Fedora to its absolute limit in terms of how many resources it can contain?

Request on root resource with a million children fails to respond

  • Failing to get a count of all child resources
  • We can probably work around this by disabling the count
  • A better solution would be to store the state, but this is could be tricky
  • Or we could stop counting after x children (e.g. there are 1000+ children)
    • We do something similar in the HTML UI - we only list the first 100 links
    • You can already do this in a REST request by adding a limit
    • Andrew will implement a fix
  • Is there a real use case for knowing the number of children?