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Date: Thursday, Sept 15, 1pm EDT (-4 UTC)


Proposed Agenda

  1. Progress updates
    1. Wrapping up implementation of #10
    2. Pax-Exam oddities
    3. Jenkins now deploying to snapshot repo #24
  2. API-X Milestone/demo - target date and deliverables
    1. Finish #10, #11 (exposing, intercepting)
    2. Extensions to show?
      1. Integrate with one or more Amherst repository extension services (e.g. jsonld compaction, xml serialization, image manip, etc)?
      2. Pick a simple extension to quickly write and demonstrate?
    3. Stakeholders comment on extension deployment or service registration process so far?
      1. Write up how that's done, point to code in ITs
      2. Consider Amherst's OPTIONS approach
      3. Perhaps some exercises for SHs to start up services and enable extensions?
      4. Collect feedback
  3. Do we need/want to keep 'Ontology' marker interface in order to plug in different reasoners?  See also OntologyService
  4. Fedora users group meeting 9/22


Progress update:

  • PRs created a couple weeks ago have been merged in. Aaron is wrapping up impl of issue #10 (about routing). Will submit PR as soon as oddities with Pax-Exam are resolved.

    • API-X is committed to run in OSGi env, at a  cost of running it in Karaf

    • Latest PRs service registering was split in two due to some integration test failures related to Pax-Exam

    • Pax Exam gremlins make testing a not-so-smooth process

    • Pax Exam is also throwing ClassNotFound exception for class that does indeed exist

  • Ticket for setting up Travis and Jenkins build can be closed.

  • Aaron Birkland is behind on implementation of issue #10 due to illness.

API-X Milestone/demo

  • Deliverables:

    • Suggested deliverables: #10 and #11 for core impl

    • Suggest incorporating one or more of Amherst’s extensions

      • Daniel Lamb knows the kinds of modifications would be necessary, they're relatively minor.

      • TODO: Aaron Birkland will send a proposal out to tech mailing group so that other SHs (especially ) to chime in as need before proceeding.

    • Docker and vagrant images will be used to deliver demo to SHs of varying technical-foo

    • Documentation on how to deploy extensions and service registration would be welcome. Several volunteer to review/try out the instruction once documentation is available.

    • TODO: Aaron Birkland will send email to tech list to get SHs’s input on functionalities and deliverables for this milestone.

  • Target date:

    • End of this month is feasible but is a bit of a push.

    • Soft deadline of first week of Oct - all agree with this target date.

Fedora user group meeting:

  • Aaron and Elliot is going to the meeting, giving updates on the API-X progress.

  • Joshua Westgard could put out a schedule for the second day of Fedora User group meeting around data modeling.

  • Andrew Woods is interested in trying out API-X impl at the FUG meeting. Docker and Vagrant image may not be available by then. But Aaron B could demo it with others without Docker and Vagrant image.
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