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  1. External content
    1. Issues:
    2. Needs more editorial review, also pending response to existing comments:
  2. PUT-to-create: waiting on comment from Daniel Lamb and/or Benjamin Armintor
  3. What to do with: PUT/POST with Content-Location:
  4. Which git issues are actionable?
    1. Does persistence fixity belong in the spec
    2. Add intro:
    3. Publish ontology:
    4. Depth header for delete:
  5. Which git issues need triage?
    1. Fixity section:
    2. Clarify HEAD behavior
    3. Clarify InboundReferences
  6. Branding: Fedora Commons/community implementation; other implementations and the API specification


External Content

  1. Action: Danny/Barmintor, need more review of PR#121
  2. UPenn, Princeton, Columbia - using external content
  3. Islandora users with large content will likely use external content
  4. Some Hydra users will likely use proxied content


  1. Merging by escowles

PUT/POST with Content-Location

  1. Do we need both?
  2. Action: awoods - is anyone using this feature?
    • if anyone is using it, could it be replaced with external/body?cache
    • include spec alternative in message

Which git issues are actionable?

  1. Does persistence fixity belong in the spec
    • closed
  2. Add intro
    • Action: Danny to write intro for issue#95 (also bring in elements of issue#93)
    • issue#93: related in that it circles back to "the purpose of the spec"
      • interest in maintaining some degree of "swappability"
      • it so happens that SSR provides for swappability... but should be revisited
      • suggestion: transpose "interoperability" for "swappability"
  3. Publish ontology
  4. They are different ontologies
    • Let both live in their own URL space
  5. Remove overlapping term from v4 ontology with the release of Fedora 5
  6. The spec ontology should be common to all impls
    • Impls can have their own ontologies as required
    • Action: awoods provide resolution to: Possibly use:
  7. Depth header for delete
    • Action: Danny is moving this forward with a pull-request

Which git issues need triage?

  1. Action: everyone review these three issues
    • We should come to next meeting with a plan for each


  1. The spec defining "what is a Fedora" is problematic
    • Aspects of the community impl are not represented in the spec
  2. Maybe call this effort the "Core API Specification"
  3. Some features are not specified or are optional
    • PUT for create
    • 415 - not implemented examples
    • Batch Atomic Ops
  4. Review simeon's diagram as it relates to branding/messaging
  5. Need to bring barmintor into the conversation
  6. Action: simeon to create a github issue

Action Items

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