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  1. What are the issues that need resolution prior to June 20th?
  2. External content
    1. Please be prepared to discuss the appropriateness of closing the following issues:
  3. Introduction:
    1. Ready for merge?
  4. Fixity section:
    1. Issue#100 should be closed with PR#128
    2. PR#133: minor comment... but should be ready for merge today
  5. Clarify HEAD behavior
    1. This comment seems like a constructive way of closing this issue
  6. Delete PR#126 waiting on Benjamin Armintor and Simeon Warner reviews
    1. Also:
  7. Publication of Fedora ontology:
  8. Branding as Core Specification
  9. Clarify InboundReferences


Notes are enumerated in the same order as their corresponding agenda items:

  1. We'll make a milestone for all issues that need to be resolved before an initial public working draft.  #129 and #130 have been identified as needing to be resolved.  Also, references to the yet unimplemented TCK can remain as it much be produced before the spec goes final.
  2. We can close out all the external content tickets, many of which are no longer relevant.  We will be reaching out to the people who originally opened the issues and asking them to close them.
  3. #132 is merged
  4. #128 is merged.  #133 is pending on resolving the concerns over 'persistance' from @birkland. We can close issue 100 with #128 merged and note that #133 is still pending.
  5. We'll move forward on #103 by removing the restriction on payload headers as defined in
  6. Moving forward on #126 as is with remaining objections to be discussed in spin-off issues.
  7. We need to choose a namespace for publishing the ontology for the specification that isn't "Fedora", since that's taken by the community implementation. Suggested namespaces were and  After much deliberation, the final choice was

Previous Action Items

New Action Items

  • Andrew: Move Fixity section to the end and remove reference from Section 1
  • Esmé: Update Fixity section to include persistence fixity language
  • Danny: will move 111 forward, and create a separate ticket for async failures
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