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Agenda & Minutes

  1. PRs to review
    • #208 - Daniel Lamb has done first pass but will refine the PR soon
    • #207 - Esmé Cowles will refine PR to deal with small syntax issue
    • #206 - looks good so far
    • #197 - looks good, merged
  2. Authorization issues
    1. issue-164: acl:default instead of acl:defaultForNew resolved (solid) – closed with #201
    2. issue-165: Removing support for acl:accessToClass?
      1. Wait on response to
      2. CLAW only uses ACLs for very basic partitioning of drupal instances
    3. issue-166: Requiring WebIDs?
      1. resolved with pr-199
    4. issue-167: Requiring acl:agentGroup?
      1. agree to close with no action (in the spec) required, have confirmed that it is in the delta document
    5. issue-168: Cross-domain Authorization?
      1. will be resolved with #208 PR
    6. issue-170: Require acl:Append and acl:Control
      1. has #206 PR
    7. issue-172: Clarify algorithm for finding authorizations
      1. Still pending clarification from Solid
    8. issue-175: Should we say default ACL MUST be resolvable?
      1. we ditched pr-198, was resolved with #204
    9. issue-176: ACL creation and linking -- be explicitly silent or specify?
      1. Consensus that support should be optional
      2. ACTION Simeon Warner to make PR following style of Esme's July 31 comment
  3. Other issues:
    1. issue-149: Creating content from external resources
      1. No additional tickets were created based on this by Aaron Birkland, some changes on external content since then so Daniel Lamb will poke him on this issue 
  4. Next week
    1. Daniel LambAndrew Woods out next week, will cancel that, meet again 2017-09-20
    2. ACTION - all to look at remaining authorization issue
    3. ACTION - Esmé Cowles and Daniel Lamb to read through notifications section and flag any issues
    4. ACTION - Simeon Warner to read through fixity section and flag any issues

Action Items

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