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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. 4.7.5 Release Post Op
  2. Sign up for API Alignment sprints by adding your name
  3. Updates from spec editors on External Content: Redirect or Proxy?
    1. PR needs review
  4. Compatibility Test Suite 
  5. Delta Document Progress Review and Sprint Planning
  6. Code4Lib report
  7. OR 2018

Ticket Summaries

  1. Please squash a bug!

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    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  2. Tickets resolved this week:

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  3. Tickets created this week:

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  1. Open Repositories registration is now open
  2. Release went out smoothly. Jenkins was not working because Sonar has needed an upgrade. Danny Bernstein was able to perform the release with no issues.
    Andrew Woods cut the cord between Jenkins and Sonar as there is not the resources to fix this problem at UMD at this time.
    UMD does have the Sonar issue on their radar and will hopefully be able perform the upgrade.
  3. API Alignment sprints - Two sprints coming to get the Modeshape implementation in alignment with the specification. Is there anyone else that we need? Do you need additional support?
    1. Maybe some people specifically for documentation and testing.
    2. Some sprint planning, perhaps a call to determine what the work for the first sprint will be.
  4. Delta Document - few questions regarding different points.
    1. What about the spec being silent on PUTs to LDPCvs.
    2. The Memento specification is probably
    3. Loose enough to allow editing the LDPCvs
    4. 3.6.1 says that all LDP-RS MUST allow PUT, so the LDPCvs would have to support PUT (and PATCH)
    5. Esmé Cowles will create an issue on the specification to lay out this issue and the agreed need to extend the language of 4.3.3 to PUT and PATCH.
    6. WebAC ACLdefaultForNew which disables implicit defaulting. This is being renamed to just "default" and needs to be implemented.
    7. 5.4 Do we want to support adding the Link reference to an ACL on a LDPR creation or reject those requests. We aren't doing either correctly
      1. Jared Whiklo suggests that it seems like a nice feature but maybe we worry about it once the other MUSTs are complete. Peter Eichman agreed.
    8. 5.6 Do we support Cross-Domain groups. It seems that all these parts should remain internal to the repository to avoid a whole bunch of security concerns. It seems that we are supporting a baseUrl for users, would we be removing functionality? This was around allowing the use of strings (which the SOLID spec does not allow), we used this.
  5. Fedora introductory workshop at Code4Lib on the first day. Well attended and well received.

Action Items

  • Danny Bernstein to look for JIRA ticket around changing interaction model type. 
  • Danny Bernstein to touch base with Peter and Aaron regarding the Resource Authorization portion of the delta spec. 
  • Jared Whiklo to create issue for the pass/fail on the Compatibility Test Suite
  • Danny Bernstein reach out for more documentation/testing people.
  • Danny Bernstein determine whether there is any case where a PUT on a TimeMap would make sense. If there is it should be raised with the specification editors.
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