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  1. Addressing External Content: Redirect or Proxy?
    1. I believe we have landed on a solution... just need a PR
  2. Pull requests:

    1. pr-340 - Prefer headers request not require - (Need review from Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor)
    2. pr-334 - Add version number to specification title (let it sit until 1.0 release date)
  3. Plan for addressing open Recommendation issues

    1. #308 - Requiring Accept-Post on OPTIONS, recommending for GET/HEAD -  PR #337 has been somewhat overtaken by ongoing debate about external content
  4. New issues?
  5. Tidying and reviewing the spec


  1. PR 340: is simpler than it looks, needs review from Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor
  2. PR 341: have consensus, need review from all
    1. Do we want handling to be a Prefer, or mandatory?
      1. Probably mandatory — people probably know how they want it to work, and would rather have a failure than a different handling option
      2. We can add other parameters to the Link header
      3. Accept-External-Content-Handling header in OPTIONS response to advertise which handling options are supported
    2. What if the client doesn't supply a handling parameter?
      1. It should be required — the client can check the OPTIONS response and decide what handling it wants

Actions from 2018-03-07 - API Spec Meeting

  • Simeon Warner will update PR 341:
    • require handling parameter
    • add Accept-External-Content-Handling response header
  • Esmé Cowles will update Issue 338 with a summary of our discussion
  • ALL: review PR 341 once updated

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