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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:


  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Andrew Woods
  3. Peter Eichman 
  4. Aaron Birkland 
  5. Jared Whiklo (star)
  6. Bethany Seeger


  1. Announcements

    1. CNI Fedora Leaders Meeting
  2. 5.0.0 Release
    1. Release Post Mortem
      1. state of master and 5x-maintenance
        1. - pending PR for merging 5[.]x-maintenance into master
        2. Two PRs in master that will be in 5.0.1
    2. Remaining items - fcrepo-mint
    3. 5.0.1 Bugfix release
  3. Status of ecosystem tools:
    1. Java Client Release
    2. Camel Toolbox
    3. Docker
  4. Themes of first quarter 2018
    1. fcrepo-camel → Cameltoolbox  -> vagrant
    2. 4→5 Migration (import export tool)
    3. 6.0.0: 
      1. Modeshape replacement
      2. OCFL
    4. 5.1.0 - state tokens

  5. <Your Discussion Point Here>

  6. Please squash a bug!

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  7. Tickets resolved this week:

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  8. Tickets created this week:

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  1. Release announcement went out yesterday, release has been happening since last Friday. Lingering tasks around documentation and javadocs. CNI Fedora leaders meeting, consensus around moving off of Modeshape and bringing in OCFL in some sense. Read the minutes from the meeting. Bringing preservation into Fedora in some more concrete ways and OCFL seems like a place to start. Penn State and Emory are very interested and have funds to push this forward.
  2. Some issues related to updated plugins during the release process and some bugs have been found already that will need to be fixed.
  3. Master branch is now the 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT and the 5 maintenance branch is 5.1.0-SNAPSHOT to house any minor or bugfix releases.
  4. fcrepo-mint is in fcrepo4-exts and does not have a supporting institution (let alone 2), we need to find out if anyone is using and will help support it.
  5. fcrepo-audit is not performant and it is recommended to use the asynchronous auditing messages from the fcrepo-camel-toolbox. To make keep Fedora as "preservation", we should consider how we might adapt audit in the "after Modeshape" Fedora impl.
  6. UMD is storing checks and results for fixity checks inside Fedora, it would be good to capture this process in the community documentation.
  7. fcrepo-webapp-plus has no use in the 5.x branch
  8. fcrepo4-java-client can be released and should still work with the 4.7 branch.
  9. Should we be releasing fcrepo4-docker regularly sort of like the fcrepo4-vagrant?
  10. Should fcrepo-import-export be released with the other pieces to help people with migrate their repositories? Will not happen this time, but be good to consider going forward.
  11. Would be good to get fcrepo-camel-toolbox and fcrepo-vagrant updated and ready.
    1. fcrepo-camel-toolbox will need separate LDN processors for Fedora 4.x and 5.x, could release with 5.x compatibility and open some issues to add in 4.x compatibility too.
    2. Will return to this in the new year.


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